Turn down the volume. Turn up the heat.

Sexxpot works for all consenting adults ages 21+ that are ready and willing to enhance their sex lives.  


what is sexxpot?

A sensual blend of CBD and THC flowers soaked in juicy cannabinoid-rich CBD terpenes rolled into a Queen-size pre-roll.

Sexxpot is mellow with no sharp edges. 

(No couch lock either, unless the action is on the couch....) 


With the addition of CBD, Sexxpot is designed to help women relax into a sensual state of mind.


it’s an unrivaled ice breaker

Especially when the end goal is a playful evening. Guaranteed to break and melt the ice without the effects of other stimulants.


The original Sexxpot was developed as a variation on the low-THC cultivar Mr. Nice, with the point being that relaxation allows a woman’s tactile senses to come alive. But after several years of experimentation, the all-female R&D team at Paradigm Cannabis found that adding CBD flowers and a generous serving of CBD-rich Terpene Sauce makes for the perfect synergistic blend.

The revamped version of Sexxpot is ready-to-smoke on all fronts. We have created a Queen-size pre-roll that can be shared with your partner(s).

Women Love Sexxpot.

(Don’t take our word for it…)  

When relaxing into the evening after a hectic day, it’s too easy to push sex off the to-do list, which is crazy because sex is free, all-natural stress relief! I usually need some encouragement to relax my sore muscles and soften my busy mind before sex begins to appear on the horizon. After a few puffs on a Sexxpot joint, I felt light and giddy, my relaxed body tingled, and then...my inner sex goddess awoke. I lit some candles and dimmed the lights, tore the clothes off my partner and went to town! Thanks to Sexxpot and the sensual ravaging that proceeded it, I am a highly satisfied woman. Recommended to all who need a slap on the libido.
— Kaylene
I really loved Sexxpot! so did my husband!
— Annie H.
Smooth and with a hit that is a velvet glove running over your entire body. It is the first brand that I can smoke right after work because it’s an overall body mellow without the couch lock. I feel frisky and relaxed, exactly how anyone would like to feel before “getting it in” or just to chill out at the end of a long day.
— Ophelia C.

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